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              The company “Silumin” – is one of the leaders in Ukraine among the manufacturers of utensil made of aluminum alloys.

Our assortment is quite various  and contains next groups of merchandise:

-          Kitchen cauldrons

-          Saucepans

-          Pans

-          Stewing-dishes

-          Ladles

-          Sets for tourism

-          Accessories

The traditions of manufacturing

The history of our company starts in 1998. Since first days of production and first examples of articles we carefully keep the best traditions of metal-casting craftsmanship. We proudly make the utensil of high quality and sure about each item of it

.           The “Silumin” is an exclusive Ukrainian company which learned thoroughly the production of metal dishes with flameproof vitreous enamel coating.

            The guaranty of safety and quality of our product-is using certificated alloys and materials.

            Dishes of TM “Silumin” are not only pleasant for face. It also easy to clean and wash our dishes.

            Specially must say about cuddly saturated colors of our utensil, it’s usability and endurance due to materials of high quality.

            “Silumin” company has national certificates of Ukraine and Russia for all kinds of merchandise to produce. The safety of our dishes is also proofed by hygienic expertise.

            We are glad to offer to our clients more than 400 items of household utensil and sets for tourism and active rests. We assure our products able to satisfy the demand of every exacting buyer: kitchen cauldrons and saucepans of different volume; stewing-dishes; cauldrons for tourism; metal water bottles; pans withwithout coating; pots for ovens and many other.

            Due to constant work to improve the technologies of metal casting the company “Silumin” is able to offer the utensil of stable high quality but with low prices.

            The products of our company are well-know not only in Ukraine but also in neighbor countries. The result of long standing positive reputation is a high demand for our merchandise.

            We pay a great attention to desires of every our client and always open for new business partnership.

            If you have interesting ideas or proposals-please contact us! We are ready to realize all deserving ideas!